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Academic Probation and Suspension

Minimum Academic Standards

Students must meet minimum academic standards in work completed at Texas State. Those who fail to do so are placed on academic probation or academic suspension, as appropriate. In determining whether a student is placed on probation or suspension, only grades earned at Texas State are considered.


Academic Probation/Suspension

Detailed information on probation and suspension policies can be viewed in undergraduate catalog can be viewed online.


Requirements for CFAC majors who are on Academic Probation

The Advising Center notifies non PACE CFAC students of their academic probation status, as well as, the academic requirements which must be met to regain good academic standing. These notices are sent via Texas State email at the end of each academic semester. 

Advising holds are placed on the records of all CFAC students who are on Academic Probation. This hold will prevent students from registering for courses, changing course schedules for upcoming semesters and dropping courses during the semester.

Academic Probation Students should meet with an advisor to review options or seek advice on actions needed to reach good academic standing. Advising appointments can be scheduled by calling 512.245.1932.