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Tuition for Excessive Hours

Tuition for Excessive Undergraduate Hours.

Detailed information can be viewed on in the undergraduate catalog can be viewed on line.

The following types of credit hours are exempt and will not count toward the limit:

  • Hours earned after a baccalaureate degree Hours earned through examination (without registering for a course)
  • Hours from remedial and developmental courses
  • Hours from technical and vocational or workforce education courses
  • Hours earned by the student at a private institution or an out-of-state institution
  • Hours attempted prior to declaration of fresh start

Appeals due to economic hardship are permitted under defined institutional policy. Texas State has determined that students who are eligible for financial aid under the Federal Pell Grant (Pell) program will be exempted from the non-resident tuition if, at the time of registration, their Pell eligibility is documented in the financial aid system at Texas State. Students who become Pell eligible during the semester in which they are charged the non-resident tuition may submit eligibility documents to the Student Business Services office no later than the official last class day of the semester in which the appeal is being requested.